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*1 The reduction rate of man-hours for initial spatial design

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Top 4 Advantages of Using PlantStream

PlantStream's Auto Routing enables about 75% cut in man-hours required for initial 3D spatial design.

Leveraging industry-leading design expertise, our auto piping, cable routing, and equipment templates ensure the effortless creation of highly precise 3D models, comparable to models by skilled plant engineers, elevating initial design quality.

The auto-routing feature enable easy rerouting of pipelines, allowing for the quick creation of multiple layouts. As a result, it is possible to select the optimal layout from various perspectives such as material quantity, safety, and ease of maintenance.

PlantStream's advantage in initial design phase is compounded further as users can seamlessly convert created model to major 3D CAD software for detailed design phase.

Our Top Features

Automatically route around 1,000 pipes per minute with results optimized for real-world engineering considerations. Pipe routing takes into account rack layer assignments, sequencing, process requirements and more.

Equipment and piping layouts are pre-templated, allowing for easy placement via drag-and-drop, and intuitive 3D design adjustments through parameter tuning.

PlantStream provides accurate MTO (Material Take Off) and Work Volume output for precise costs estimation from initial design, enabling calculating expenses early and precisely.

PlantStream's import function allows utilizing equipment and piping lists generated from intelligent P&ID data. 3D models in PlantStream can be seamlessly exported to major 3D CAD software for the detailed design phase.

PlantStream Customer by Industry​

Oil & Gas

Utilizing PlantStream for Oil and Gas plants results in significant man-hours reduction due to its ability to handle vast numbers of pipelines and equipment. PlantStream adapts to the industry complex design rules based on expertise from skilled design engineers, including Chiyoda Corporation.


Similar to oil and gas, user can also expect significant man-hours reduction and adaptation to complex design rules when designing large-scale and complex chemical plants using PlantStream.


In novel fields like hydrogen, where diverse considerations are required and only few past EPC projects exist, PlantStream excels in flexible and rapid layout studies as well as streamlines the sharing of initial design concepts through 3D modeling in early stages.

Module (FPSO etc.)

PlantStream facilitates accurate 3D modeling by employing space reservation functions to prevent structure interference, even in modular construction methods like FPSO that has severe space constraints. It also calculates the center of gravity, considering the specific "base swing" for offshore facilities.


In pharmaceutical and building-type plants, accurate modeling is ensured by avoiding structural interference with space reservation features. Rapid and flexible design changes during phases with numerous architectural design requirements are facilitated by the auto-routing function.

Ultrapure Water Supply

PlantStream enables rapid and flexible layout studies and modifications to meet tight deadlines, especially for ultra-pure water plant projects, which is crucial for semiconductor manufacturing. Its space reservation feature ensures precise modeling through interference avoidance, tailored for building-type plants.

Wastewater Treatment

PlantStream is capable of accommodating the planar layout of wastewater treatment plants, which often include numerous tanks and underground pits. Additionally, it can handle pipe routing not only above ground but also underground.

Power Generation

PlantStream is equipped with auto routing capabilities not only for piping but also for cables, enabling rapid and flexible 3D design in power plant related facility design, from layout studies to cost estimation tasks.

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