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“Revolutionize Plant Design, Boost Creativity”​

PlantStream is a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc.

The plant industry still has a number of design-related issues where there is room for improvement, such as human and environmental impact. PlantStream was launched with the aim to develop and provide next-generation 3D CAD to free engineers from labor-intensive work and creat a world where they can maximize their creativity.

Chiyoda Corporation is a global EPC contractor with proven experience in large-scale facilities such as oil refineries and natural gas liquefaction plants. With the Purpose of “Enriching Society Through Engineering Value”, Chiyoda Corporation is working on the creation of DX businesses and operational reforms to realise a decarbonised society.

Arent Inc. is a start-up that brings together industry-leading CAD engineers. With a mission to “Democratizing tacit knowledge”, the company specialises in DX consulting and new business creation in the construction industry, where many inefficiencies remain. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth market in March 2023.

“Revolutionize Plant Design, Boost Creativity”

The traditional practice of plant layout design, which are individualized and has not been standardized or passed down, are converted into algorithms. To free engineers from labor-intensive work and create a world where they can maximize their creativity. We at PlantStream Inc continue to take on challenges as a game changer in the industry.

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Seitaro Narue

Director and CEO

Reimagine conventional approaches and environments.

One of the challenges faced in the field of plant spatial design is the sheer magnitude of tasks. While I, myself, have worked in plant engineering for 16 years in the piping design division, it was difficult to find a balance with my personal life. The fundamental reason for this was analog-centric inefficient design techniques, which haven’t changed for decades. Our mission is to overcome this work environment that has gone unchanged for ages. By replacing automatable manual work with software, engineers can engage in project delivery work without straining themselves and instead pour their energy into creative areas.

Takeshi Oda

Director and Co-CEO

Unleash human creativity with the right tools.​

While an efficient CAD, PlantStream goes well beyond this by revolutionizing design workflow with the potential to reinvent ideas themselves. Bringing out the best of human creativity and making the software to support it. This has been my mission since beginning a career as a programmer. PlantStream is making it a reality, enabling plant engineers all around the world to unleash their creative potential.

PlantStream Award Record​

good digital award Grand prize in the start-up category

the Digital Agency (2022)
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Japan DX Awards Finalists.

Japan DX Awards Executive Committee (2022)
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Engineering Encouragement Special Award

Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (2021)
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Company News

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PlantStream Inc. was Featured in the June Issue of “The Piping Engineering” Published by Japan Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.

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