Unrivaled Speed and Precision

Revolutionize Plant Design with Automated 3D CAD Software

1,000 Piping in Only 1 Minute!

Seamlessly Unify Plant Engineering Workflow from Plot Plan to Piping Layout Study.

Speed Up and Enhance Early Phase Design Process with 3D CAD Capabilities.

Realize about 75% Cut in Man-Hours for Initial 3D Spatial Design.

PlantStream is Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

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Revolutionize Plant Design and Boost Creativity of Engineers with Advanced 3D CAD Software.

Accelerate FS and FEED with Unrivaled Speed and Precision.

PlantStream is an advanced 3D CAD solution engineered to streamline plant design workflows. With algorithms that capture the expertise of skilled design engineers, PlantStream delivers phenomenal productivity gains across the entire engineering process.

From energy to infrastructure, chemical plants and beyond, PlantStream is trusted by leading plant owners and EPCs globally to maximize efficiency in 3D plant engineering. Our innovative CAD is transforming plant design across industries.

With 3D Data-Centric Design,
Reduce Man-Hours, Improve Design Quality and Accelerate Workflows.

- Top 4 Advantages of Using PlantStream -

Accelerate Workflows, Reduce Man-Hours

PlantStream can automatically route about 1,000 pipes per minute with premium quality routing that satisfies pipe design fundamentals.

By centralizing workflow, adjustment work for changes is remarkably reduced. This enables about 75% cut in man-hours for initial 3D spatial design.

Access to Multiple Layout Studies

Easily study multiple piping layouts in PlantStream by changing equipment arrangement and auto adjusting piping routes fast and accurately.

Quickly generate multiple piping layout scenarios early in design to deeply analyze options.

Cost Optimization

Rapidly simulate multiple layouts in PlantStream to identify lowest material and construction cost scenarios and create more accurate cost estimation.

Beyond cost savings, compare arrangements for safety, maintainability, and more.

Improvement of Early Design Quality

Analyzing multiple layouts unlocks innovation leading to highest quality concepts. Automated pipe routing based on decades of expertise enables agile, concurrent engineering.

Seamlessly connect 2D and 3D design data to accelerate conceptual development even from early phase.

PlantStream Customer by Industry

Oil & Gas

PlantStream is best suited to this sector with its huge number of pipes, equipment and piperacks in large scale and outdoor plants project.


PlantStream specialises in this area, where many plants are located outdoors. MH reduction, design accuracy and estimation accuracy can be significantly improved.


Quick and optimized piping arrangements inside buildings and accurate cost estimation can be achieved while using the excellent space management function to avoid crashes among all elements in PlantStream model.


Where there is little track record worldwide, PlantStream can make a significant contribution, by doing plot plan studies, creating conceptual layouts for proposal, and doing modelling to materialise projects and do cost estimation.


With PlantStream,doing modelling activities in complex structures which has space constraints is also possible .

Wastewater Treatment

PlantStream supports above-ground as well as underground pipe routing and modelling.

Ultrapure Water Supply

PlantStream's excellent space reservation function, allows to achieve optimized modeling that avoids interference among all components in facility, even when designing buildings used in ultrapure water plants.

Power Plants

PlantStream has a full range of functions specialising in electrical and instrumentation as well as pipework routing, so modelling related to power generation facilities is also a breeze.

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Realize more efficient 3D plant design through seamless workflows.

Streamline FS and FEED with Seamless Plant Engineering

PlantStream streamlines early phases of plant design such as FS and FEED. PlantStream seamless data conversion to downstream 3D CAD Software makes the transition to EPC detailed design and other processes smoothly.

PlantStream is not only for EPC contractors, but also for technical consulting companies, licensors, equipment vendors, and companies that specialize in spatial design.

Our Top Features

Automatically route around 1,000 pipes per minute with results optimized for real-world engineering considerations. Pipe routing builds in rack layer assignments, sequencing, fluid properties, process requirements, connections, electric cable trays and more. This enables quick, precise cost estimates in FS/FEED and seamless data transfer downstream.

Block Patterns are pre-set templates of equipment and piping layouts, enabling intuitive 3D editing through parameter adjustments. Easily arrange units, pipe racks, and elements by dragging and dropping. Users can intuitively design full plant layouts while considering clearances, wind direction, workability, operability, maintainability, and safety.

PlantStream’s intuitive user interface allows seamless operation by non-engineers and engineers without 3D experience. This ease of use enables quick, smooth transitions from 2D to 3D design. Customers have utilized PlantStream to address engineer shortages by empowering more staff with 3D capabilities.

PlantStream’s MTO output function provides accurate 3D data for precise material quantities and costs from initial design. Calculating expenses early and precisely enables creating competitive cost-conscious proposals.

3D models in PlantStream can be exported directly to major downstream 3D CADs , allowing for seamless transaction.

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Realize more efficient 3D plant design through seamless workflows.

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