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PlantStream vs Traditional 3D CAD - Equipment Peripheral Piping

Equipment peripheral piping side-by-side comparison

0:06 Place pumps
0:09 Model peripheral pipings
0:33 Connect a route

Block Pattern is a pre-set template of equipment and peripheral piping layouts. Simply by changing parameters, you can intuitively edit 3D models in a much shorter time.

You’re able to quickly place these blocks throughout your plant to form your plant layout. With these blocks you’re able to adjust parameters of the equipment, such as how big the access space is, how many inlets or outlets there are, which direction the header should face, and more. Every single parameter change is reflected by the 3D model in real time.

With this feature, you’re able to quickly generate 3D models of equipment based on your project’s needs. Then you’re able to iterate on equipment parameters to adapt to process requirements, efficiency discoveries, and safety requirements in a swift and painless way. With that, whenever Block Pattern is modified, you can quickly route and reroute pipes with Route Assist, making iterations of your plant design consistent and up to date.

As you can see in the video, adjusting a Block Pattern is simple and straightforward. Routing new pipes between the blocks is quick and efficient compared to our manual counterparts. With the ability to layout, iterate, and route within minutes rather than hours, we hope to give you the time you need to tackle the hard issues of plant design, by optimizing the routing grunt work. 

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