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PlantStream Primary Features

This video showcases the primary features of PlantStream.

PlantStream enables a 75% reduction in man-hours during basic design, making it possible to build 3D models at a speed up to 5 times faster than previously achievable.

The video introduces its powerful auto-routing feature and Block Pattern feature, enabling plant engineers to easily create multiple piping layouts and make comparisons.


PlantStream can automatically route about 1,000 pipes per minute with premium quality routing that satisfies pipe design fundamentals.

Block Patterns

Block Patterns are pre-set templates of equipment and piping layouts, enabling intuitive 3D editing through parameter adjustments. Units, pipe racks, and elements can be easily arranged by dragging and dropping. Users can intuitively design full plant layouts while considering clearances, wind direction, workability, operability, maintainability, and safety.

This feature allows users to easily study multiple piping layouts in PlantStream by changing equipment arrangement and auto adjusting piping routes fast and accurately. Thus users can quickly generate multiple piping layout scenarios early in design to deeply analyze options.

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