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PlantStream Presents: Version 1.0.25!

Date: Apr 19, 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of Ver. 1.0.25, the latest version of PlantStream.

PlantStream has been updated to allow for the creation of larger models than ever before, with the ability for multiple users to collaborate on editing, as well as a number of other updates to make model creation more efficient.

Let us introduce you to some of the major new features.

Collaboration Function

The collaboration function has been newly added, making it even easier to integrate the inputs and editing results of multiple users into a single model. The main central model can be divided into multiple areas, allowing each user to edit their respective areas as local models simultaneously.

By synchronizing editing models, it becomes easier to update changes in the central model, as well as to quickly check and reflect each other’s edits while simultaneously editing their respective areas. Additionally, examining the interconnections between divided areas has become much easier.

Together with the collaboration function, it is now possible to split the piping at the boundaries of an area in a single operation, simplifying editing by allowing separate users to work on each area.

In combination with the collaboration function, it is more efficient to analyze the placement of piping arrangements that connect different areas.

Underground Duct Bank

Modeling of duct banks, which are often used when burying electrical instrumentation cables underground, is now possible.

Manholes can also be modeled between duct banks going in multiple directions.

And many more!

PlantStream conducts version upgrades approximately every three months, providing our customers with a range of new features and improvements.
In addition to the features we’ve highlighted, there are numerous other enhancements and upgrades in this version. If you are interested in the detailed specifics of this update, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical consultants directly by following the link below.

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