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PlantStream Presents Version 1.0.19 of Its Software

Date : Aug 26, 2022

Developing Software That Is Tailored to the Needs of Plant Designers Everywhere

PlantStream, a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc., is pleased to announce the release of its v.1.0.19 software update. We are proud to continue our efforts to deliver enhancements based on user feedback.

This version is the first step toward large-scale plant support, moving beyond the initial equipment layout and pipeline route studies of early project stages. The following updates have been implemented:

1. Project Imports

The Project Import function allows models created in separate files (equipment, structure, manual piping, route definitions, etc.) to be merged into a single file. This makes it possible for multiple people to work on model data for a large plant or be responsible for their own respective areas. This long-awaited update allows for the kind of collaboration that is so important for large-scale plant design.

2. Piping Paths

Until now, passpoints could be used to control piping routing, which required fine-tuning each individual pipe. With the new Piping Path feature, it is now possible to group multiple pipes together or, for example, route pipes along a wall. We will continue to improve routing quality in future updates.

3. Route Assist

Piping design often requires the shortest possible routing, which includes 45-degree diagonal piping. In this version, when the “Allow Non-Orthogonal Pipes (prioritize diagonals)” checkbox is selected, routes are automatically created using diagonal piping where appropriate. This brings the piping closer to the designer’s ideal routing while also improving design quality and estimation accuracy.

4. ISO View (Piping Measurements Display)

It is now possible to view only the piping that you have chosen to display. This snapshot feature (simple ISO in DWG) has been highly requested by users who have been drawing MTO (ISO sketches) by hand. When a pipe is specified and its image is captured, the pipe’s length and its number of elbows are displayed. This function greatly improves the efficiency of data exchange with departments in charge of back-checking and hydraulic calculations during piping MTO.

[Comment from PlantStream CEO Seitaro Narue]

PlantStream® is a tool designed to assist everyone with their 3D design work. By streamlining the modeling work required of engineers and designers, we aim to create a work environment that allows them to focus more on layout design and basic design, thus facilitating optimal plant designs and shortening project lead times.

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