PlantStream Inc. was Featured in the June Issue of "The Piping Engineering" Published by Japan Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd.



PlantStream Inc. was featured in the June issue of “The Piping Engineering” published by Japan Industrial Publishing Co., Ltd. *Japanese article


The article highlights the application of PlantStream🄬 in the design of a 3D model for a large-scale water electrolysis system, jointly developed by Chiyoda Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation.

This case illustrates how PlantStream🄬 can be utilized to meet the increasing demands of the rapidly expanding hydrogen production market, enabling the creation of highly accurate 3D model designs in significantly shorter timeframes compared to traditional methods.


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Publication Details:

・ Magazine: The Piping Engineering, June Issue

・ PlantStream Inc. Feature Page: Page 1-4

・ Published on: May 15, 2024