PlantStream Showcases Innovations in Electrical Instrumentation Design at Zuken's Online Seminar


On May 16, 2024, PlantStream Inc. participated in an online seminar titled “Plant Design Digital Transformation: Essential Aspects of Digital Transformation in Electrical Instrumentation Design,” hosted by Zuken Inc. During the seminar, PlantStream Inc. presented on the latest advancements in electrical instrumentation layout design.

PlantStream🄬 was presented as a digital transformation solution to tackle challenges faced by the electrical instrumentation design department, such as extended design lead times, quality inconsistencies, and difficulties in securing skilled personnel. 


・Introduction of PlantStream🄬(Basic capabilities etc.)

・Examples of E&I usage

・Case studies on the application in cable route design

・Benefits of PlantStream🄬


・Takeo Osawa, Zuken Inc.

・Takehito Miki, PlantStream Inc.

・Kota Nagoshi, PlantStream Inc.

◆Lecture Video: *Japanese only

PlantStream Inc. will continue to contribute to the promotion of digital transformation in plant design and provide innovative solutions to address industry challenges.

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