PlantStream® Ranks 5th in ENN's 2024 Engineering IT Survey for Plant Design 3D CAD


The results of the 2024 Engineering IT Survey, conducted annually between January and February targeting the plant and construction engineering industry, were announced in the February 25 issue of ENN (Engineering Network), published by The Heavy & Chemical Industries News Agency, focusing on strengthening engineering IT Collaboration. 

Among these results, PlantStream has emerged as the 5th ranked 3D CAD tool for plant design, capturing 5% of total market share in Japan, a close tie-in with Hexagon ALI’s “Smart 3D”, demonstrating significant industry recognition.

Source: ENN, “February 25, Special Issue: Strengthening Engineering IT Collaboration” *Japanese article

In the ENN’s article, amidst discussions of the challenges in knowledge transfer due to the retirement of skilled engineers, there was a mention of the rapid expansion in the market share of PlantStream, which incorporates those engineers’ technical expertise into algorithms and features an automatic routing function.

An article dedicated to PlantStream has also been published, highlighting PlantStream user feedback such as “easy to use” and “intuitive interface”.

Source: ENN February 25th Issue: ‘PlantStream: Auto-Routing Approximately 1,000 Pipes in 1 Minute – Adopted by Technip France, Conducts Updates Every 3 Months” *Japanese article

Furthermore, the article introduces the quarterly version updates, praising PlantStream’s proactive approach to version upgrades while accurately meeting the user’s needs.

PlantStream remains committed to meeting the needs of its customers and providing innovative products and services to address challenges in the plant industry.