National Oil Company Specifies PlantStream in their Invitation to Bid (ITB) as the Recommended Software for 3D Model Creation



A National Oil Company has recently introduced the use of PlantStream for the 3D model creation in their Invitation to Bid (ITB) for their latest project. The introduction of PlantStream was aimed to optimize project schedule and accelerate the Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

The ITB is a document created by plant owners for EPC contractors, which provides various specifications related to basic design. Based on this, EPC contractors place design orders with engineering subcontractors (refer to the diagram below).

The inclusion of PlantStream in the Plant Owner’s ITB signifies the recognition of PlantStream as a technology that can contribute in schedule optimization during the FEED phase. We are pleased that PlantStream has been acknowledged for its utility by the plant owner, resulting in this positive evaluation.

Furthermore, through the introduction of this ITB, we hope to further demonstrate the benefits of PlantStream to plant owners and EPC contractors alike, contributing to project execution from business planning to basic design. This marks a significant step forward in our goal to revolutionize the plant engineering industry.

In the future, PlantStream will continue to strive in providing swift and efficient 3D design method, addressing and resolving further challenges in the plant industry.