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We solve big problems in the EPC industry.

PlantStream is a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc. The EPC industry continues to face serious design challenges, such as its human and environmental burden, which have yet to be solved. We started PlantStream in order to share our solution to these industry-wide challenges by developing and providing autonomous CAD.

chiyoda corporation Chiyoda Corporation

Chiyoda Corporation is a global EPC contractor with proven experience in large-scale plants such as oil refineries and natural gas liquefaction facilities. While driving in-house digital transformation initiatives in the EPC and corporate fields, including PlantStream, Chiyoda continues to work towards enhancing the asset value of client facilities through digitalization under its new brand EFEXIS.

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Arent Arent Inc.

Arent is a start-up that brings together industry-leading CAD engineers. We oversee the research and development of PlantStream under the mission, “No more manual labor. Creativity only.” We specialize in understanding the ins and outs of the actual conditions of plant businesses, and create CAD that can actually be used, not mere theory.

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Allow designers to devote themselves to creative work.

Significantly reduce the manual labor of designers through autonomous CAD to achieve a work environment in which they can focus on creative areas.

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Streamline plant engineering to increase the productivity of all stakeholders.

Eliminate all inefficiencies large and small around EPC business and boldly cut down on overhead.

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Reduced the burden of plant construction on the environment and society.

Reduce unnecessary resources associated with plant construction by developing high-precision business plans and an efficient engineering environment.

Takeshi Oda, Director and Co-CEO & Seitaro Narue, Director and CEO Takeshi Oda, Director and Co-CEO & Seitaro Narue, Director and CEO

Reimagine conventional approaches
and environments.

One of the challenges faced in the field of plant spatial design is the sheer magnitude of tasks. While I, myself, have worked in plant engineering for 16 years in the piping design division, it was difficult to find a balance with my personal life. The fundamental reason for this was analog-centric inefficient design techniques, which haven’t changed for decades. Our mission is to overcome this work environment that has gone unchanged for ages. By replacing automatable manual work with software, engineers can engage in project delivery work without straining themselves and instead pour their energy into creative areas.

Photograph of Seitaro Narue Director and CEO Seitaro Narue

Unleash human creativity
with the right tools.

While an efficient CAD, PlantStream goes well beyond this by revolutionizing design workflow with the potential to reinvent ideas themselves. Bringing out the best of human creativity and making the software to support it. This has been my mission since beginning a career as a programmer. PlantStream is making it a reality, enabling plant engineers all around the world to unleash their creative potential.

Photograph of Takeshi Oda Director and Co-CEO Takeshi Oda
PlantStream Inc.
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